tattooed couple getting married

Tattoos can be really beautiful, but there are times when you don't want them to show.

Weddings, job interviews, and other important events may require a more natural image.

That's where an airbrush tattoo cover up can help.

Fortunately, airbrush makeup can temporarily restore your natural appearance. Using the same techniques from Hollywood blockbuster movies, your airbrush tattoo cover up will last about 10 hours or longer. We like the Dinair Airbush system and their waterproof products which won't rub off. Want to learn more? Watch the video below to see how it works.

If you are in the middle of tattoo removal or getting a new tattoo, airbrush makeup offers the camouflage you need. It's the fastest, most complete coverage for tattoos, birth marks, sun spots, scars, acne, post-operative bruising, psoriasis, rosacea, vitiligo and more. Coverage is smooth, fresh and flexible with no flaking, fading or cracking for about 10 hours or longer, depending on your activity. Dinair products are hypoallergenic, waterproof and won't cause acne. They cover and conceal beautifully.

If you are considering having a tattoo removed, check out our blog post on tattoo removal. We also have a blog post on airbrush makeup and paramedical coverage that you might find helpful.

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