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3 Kinds of Peptides & Why You Should Use Them Every Single Day!

It seems like some new skincare WONDER ingredient comes out almost daily. We hear things like, “If you’re not using (fill in the blank), you’re missing out” and “gets rid of dark circles overnight.” Most of these promises are overblown. Marketers want you to believe you’re missing out so you buy their product with ‘said’ ingredient. And hard working people like you are left feeling ripped off when that ingredient doesn’t deliver as promised.

beautiful lips getting hyaluronic acid injections | How Juvederm and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Add Volume and Soften Lines | Masterpiece Skin Restoration

How Juvederm and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Add Volume and Soften Lines

Our skin has a bottom layer made up of fat. There’s even a special name for it: the subcutaneous fat layer. It pads your muscles and bones and protects them from bumps and falls.

As we age, our faces naturally lose this fat. Lost fat means there’s less fat between your muscles and the top layers of your skin. As a result, your facial muscles are closer to the skin’s surface than they were when you were young. Smile lines and crow’s feet become more noticeable. This whole situation is only made worse by aging skin. Sun exposure, heredity, and lifestyle choices (like smoking) cause skin to stretch making the fat loss look worse.

smiling woman with beautiful lips wearing red lipstick looking up

Everything You Need to Know About Lip Rejuvenation Techniques

Our lips are a critical part of who we are. They allow us to eat and drink, speak, smile and frown. They’re considered an erogenous zone. Full lips can make women (and men!) more attractive – which is why lip fillers are so incredibly popular right now. Kylie Jenner is living proof!

And when we talk to people, we focus on their face – especially the area from their eyebrows to their LIPS.

woman using a derma roller on her forehead | Cosmetic vs Medical Micro-Needling | How They’re Different | Masterpiece Skin Restoration

Cosmetic vs Medical Micro-Needling | How They’re Different

I started to add cosmetic micro-needling to our services menu, when it occurred to me – most people don’t know what cosmetic needling is. Most of you probably know what micro-needling is, but do you know the benefits of cosmetic vs medical micro-needling? All of the jargon gets confusing and what you really need to know is how each benefits YOU. I hope this post helps!

girl with missing teeth drinking milk | Orthotropics Review: An Alternative to Traditional Braces | Masterpiece Skin Restoration

Orthotropics Review: An Alternative to Traditional Braces

My daughter is missing 3 permanent teeth – a condition I’m told that’s inherited, probably from me. I’d looked and looked and looked (no exaggeration) for good answers and talked to many orthodontists. Some wanted to pull more teeth – which didn’t make any sense to me. If your kid is missing teeth, why pull more??

I stumbled across orthotropics on the internet. It sounded good, but I needed honest reviews from people who’d been there. I was really hoping to find a parent’s thoughts on the process and outcome. Following is the best I found.

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