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Skin care advertisements play on our desire to feel beautiful.

An attractive face tempts us to buy a product with promise of a “radiant complexion” or “aging less.”

But do they always deliver?

These days fewer people are using prescription skin care products. Dermatologist visits and prescriptions aren’t covered by insurance – and aren’t always cost effective. Cosmeceuticals evolved to fill the gap between prescription and over-the-counter skin care products.

But there's a problem. New skin care products and ingredients are introduced so often that even dermatologists have a hard time keeping up. So as a consumer, it is really hard to know if a product works.

Sometimes companies sell skin care products that damage skin and cause premature aging. The best way to protect your skin is to know which active skin care ingredients create beautiful skin.

So What Is a Cosmeceutical?

A cosmeceutical is a cosmetic product with a specific amount of an active ingredient. That ingredient has been scientifically proven to have a beneficial effect on the structure or function of the skin.

Here Is What Dermatologists Look for in Cosmeceuticals:

Dr. Albert Kligman, considered the father of cosmeceuticals, came up with some questions to evaluate the effectiveness of a cosmeceutical.

  1. Does the active skin care ingredient penetrate the skin? Is the amount of the ingredient enough to reach the target in the skin and create the desired change?
  2. Does the active skin care ingredient change the structure or function of the skin?
  3. Are there published, peer reviewed, double blind, placebo-controlled, statistically significant studies (considered the gold standard in studies) to prove that the active skin care ingredient works?

Because new ingredients are introduced so frequently, the Kligman questions haven’t been answered for most active skin care ingredients.

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In short, use the Kligman questions as a guideline for your research. Cosmeceuticals are expensive. Spend your money on active skin care ingredients that work!

Here at Masterpiece Skin Restoration, we like the award winning SkinCeuticals cosmeceutical line because they have clinical studies to back their products.

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