Coloradans at High Risk for Wrinkles! + 8 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles in CO

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Fort Collins & All Coloradans at High Risk for Wrinkles!

RoC Skincare just published their 2015 second annual wrinkle ranking for states. The rankings are meant to inform people about their risk for wrinkles AND to be a call for prevention. A high score indicates states where skin is most prone to wrinkles – like New York. Alaska came in at #50 and offers the best environment and lifestyle for beautiful skin.

The factors that held the most weight in the ranking were:

  • UV exposure (determined by cloud cover latitude and elevation)
  • racial and ethnic demographics (dark skin is less prone to wrinkles when compared to light skin)
  • extreme temperatures (high and low)
  • commute time (UV exposure through car windows)
  • smoking (smokers get more wrinkles)

New York got the top ranking because of residents’ high stress levels including feelings of being “dissatisfied with life” and “lacking emotional support.” Daily stress levels greatly affect skin and wrinkle formation. New Yorkers also had the second-longest commute times. A large amount of UV radiation comes into a car through the windows – and accumulates over years of daily commuting – contributing to wrinkles.

Washington, D.C., had the lowest skin cancer rate, but scored high for pollution, binge drinking, long work weeks and long commutes. These factors combined put them at #23 on the list.

Unhealthy eating and a high percentage of smokers also put a state at higher risk.

Surprisingly, the high sunshine states were not the highest risk for wrinkling. Hawaii came in at #47, Florida at #32, and California at #36.

And in stark contrast, Oregon, a state with only a few sunny days and one of the highest stress factors, had one of the highest melanoma rates in the country.

The top 15 most wrinkle prone states for 2015 according the the RoC study:

Coloradans at high risk for wrinkles! We're #4!

1. New York
2. Pennsylvania
3. West Virginia
4. Colorado
5. Massachusetts
6. New Hampshire
7. Kentucky
8. Tennessee
9. Maryland
10. Ohio
11. Michigan
12. New Jersey
13. Indiana
14. Oklahoma
15. Missouri

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Follow These 8 Guidelines to Prevent Wrinkles in Colorado:

1. Don’t smoke. Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Reath, says,

“The nicotine in cigarettes impairs blood flow to your skin so it doesn’t get as much oxygen and other important nutrients like vitamin A. Tobacco smoke also damages collagen, which is what gives your skin strength and elasticity. As a result, your skin starts to wrinkle and sag.”

2. Our extreme temperature changes are hard on skin. Use a moisturizer to protect your skin’s “barrier” from breakdown. Read more about moisturizers in our blog.

3. Coloradans live at high elevation. We are exposed to more UV radiation because we are closer to the sun than people at lower elevations. Our sunny days make us squint, which can create crow’s feet at the edges of our eyes. The good news is that we can protect our skin from the sun. Wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats is a great way to fight wrinkles. It is important to use sunscreen daily and incorporate an antioxidant into your skincare regimen. Antioxidants increase your skin’s ability to tolerate the sun and protect you from damage caused by free radicals. These products also protect from UV damage during long car commutes. Learn more in our blog posts, The Importance of Sunscreen,  Vitamins C and E for Skin, and Antioxidants - Why Your Skin Needs Them.

4. Retinoids thicken your skin and fend off wrinkles by increasing collagen and elastin production. Learn more by reading our blog posts,Want Younger-Looking Skin? 3 Ways Retinoids Make Skin Beautiful!

5. Our winters are dry! Use a humidifier to keep your skin looking its best.

6. The American Lung Association rated Denver #13 and Fort Collins #16 among the most polluted cities in the nation. Ozone pollution levels here are very high. Topical antioxidants protect against free radical formation from pollution. Read more in our blog post, Vitamins C and E for Skin and C E Ferulic | Why It's Won 35 Beauty Awards

7. Exercise! New research shows that exercise may work on a cellular level to slow biological aging.

man with glasses rubbing his face, looking stressed

8. Stress is in a category all it's own. If you can control your stress, you will age better. Long commute times contribute to stress and continuous stress causes internal changes that cause wrinkles. Your body makes the stress hormone cortisol – which can sensitize skin and trigger inflammation. Make time for friends! They help you to keep things in perspective!

Stress causes deterioration on a cellular level called glycation. Glycation happens when sugar binds to our DNA, proteins and lipids (fats), making them less effective. As we get older, glycation causes a decrease in circulation, stiffening of the skin – and wrinkles – and increased malfunction of body tissue. Try these tips for dealing with stress.

Daily stress contributes to wrinkles and gray hair. Worry leads to poor eating habits, less time for exercise, cigarette smoking and irregular sleep – which can speed up the aging process. Frowning, brow tensing and tightening of facial and neck muscles (that can come with stress) also contribute to premature aging. It's important to make time for exercise! Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good and distracts you from your worries.

These days, getting wrinkles really is optional. There are great ways to prevent them - and if you do get wrinkles, there are lots of ways to minimize them. But remember, preventing wrinkles will always work best! You don't have to be one of the many Coloradans at high risk for wrinkles!

Learn more about the different kinds of skin rejuvenation in our post, Skin Rejuvenation | The Most Common Procedures, What They Treat, & How Much They Cost.

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