What I’m Reading: Tattoos Cover Mastectomy Scars, A Blood Pressure Medication for Acne, & So MUCH More!

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It takes time to keep up with the latest beauty trends.

- But I gotcha covered. Reading is part of the job. Here are some of the most interesting articles I’ve found. Enjoy!

Breast cancer survivors are using tattoos to transform their mastectomy scars – and it’s a beautiful thing. The tattoos are going mainstream. So much so in fact that, “On Tuesday, JAMA published an illustrated piece on the healing role of post-mastectomy tattoos, authored by David Allen, a Chicago-based tattoo artist. The piece was a change of pace from what medical journals traditionally produce.”  –  U. S. News & World Report

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Ulthera is used to tighten skin, usually in women older than 40. The downside is that it can be both painful and expensive. But, Dr. Julie Russak of Russak Dermatology, has come up with a new use for Ulthera. She calls it “The Sonic Lift.” It’s a a lighter, less painful version of Ulthera treatments. Dr. Russak has been using the treatment on women in their 20s or 30s who have seen small changes in their skin’s firmness and elasticity.  –  Charlotte’s Book

New York plastic surgeon Z. Paul Lorenc, MD, and New York dermatologist, Hooman Khorasani, MD, talk about 6 things you didn’t know that can happen with Botox injections.  –  NewBeauty

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There’s a blood pressure medication that dermatologists are using to control adult acne. And it works! In this article in NewBeauty, New York dermatologist Gervaise Gerstner, MD talks about it.  –  NewBeauty

We can teach you 17 of the Best Ways to Treat Adult Acne.

One of Allure’s editors tried micro-needling with Mashell Tabe, Gwyneth Paltrow’s facialist and she loved it!  –  Allure

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N.Y.C. cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank talks about treatments for new and old stretch marks. And do those creams really work? –  InStyle

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And maybe it’s time to start incorporating weight training into your workout. It might extend your life!  – Refinery29

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