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FutureDerm Custom Skincare Line & Box

Disclaimer:  FutureDerm asked me to try their new Custom Skincare line. They custom blended the formulations especially for me, free of charge (How cool is that?!!). I did not pay for any of the products.

The FutureDerm Custom Skincare Line Review

I tried it. Here's Why I think you should too!

Before I dive into this review, I'd like to tell you a little about my impression of Nicki Zevola Benvenuti and

I've been using retinol since my oldest daughter was a toddler. She's in high school now, so it's been a while! As sun damage, aging - and GASP! NEW WRINKLES! - crept up on me, I started to pay a LOT of attention to skincare. I wanted to know if there were other products that could speed my wrinkles' demise. And I needed to know which ones worked without wasting money on crummy products that didn't deliver.

Finding that information wasn't always easy.

At the time, I was working on the pediatric floor of a local hospital, so science and clinical studies made sense to me. I looked for studies of ingredients that were proven. Google searches led me to and Nicki. Over and over, I found myself back on her site. She knew her stuff and it showed - thankfully, in my skin!

When I started Masterpiece Skin Restoration - a small med spa which later morphed into this website - the website part terrified me. I knew nothing about starting a website, but I also knew you HAVE to have one. Putting my words out there for the whole world to read felt very intimidating, but I knew what I liked in a website. I wanted it to be something I could feel proud of. It needed to help people. Resources had to be listed so readers could verify the information I shared. The language had to be understandable for people outside of the medical field. Essentially, it needed to be like, the website that kept me coming back. And so became my website role model.

As you might imagine, I was pretty excited when FutureDerm contacted me to try their brand new Specialist Custom Skincare line. Woohoo!!! I was one of the ones chosen to try a new skincare line, custom made especially for ME, by a smart lady, who's really good at what she does! Can you say, "HELLO, FANTASTIC SKIN!"

I've been using the FutureDerm Custom line for a couple of months now, and I must say, I really like it! My skin looks great! And that makes me very happy!

9 Reasons to Try the FutureDerm Custom Skincare Line:

1. The products are custom made for your particular skin condition, be it wrinkles, dark spots (hyperpigmentation), etc. You can take a quiz and have them formulate the ideal mix based on your answers - OR - you can choose percentages of ingredients that you know work well on your skin. So say you take the quiz and FutureDerm wants to send you a night serum that includes hydroquinone - but you really don't like hydroquinone. It's an easy fix. Go to the Custom Night Serum | Choose Your Own Ingredients page and pick the ingredients you prefer! So cool! There are 60,000 possible combinations of ingredients and concentrations.

2. It's very easy to use. The entire line consists of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, day serum and night serum. With this skincare line, you cleanse > tone > use the day or night serum > then moisturize. It's really that simple!

FutureDerm Custom Night Serum |

3. It's great for people with sensitive skin because it's custom. The products include lots of top-notch ingredients, so there's no need to layer multiple products. Not sure about you, but I get tired of the product layering required to get all the right ingredients on my face. And my skin is reactive (red, dry, sensitive and - UGH! - flakes) when I layer too many active ingredients. It's very unlike the oh-so-popular, layer upon layer upon layer, K-Beauty routines, and I LOVE that!

4. As I've mentioned a couple of times, the products include lots of fantastic ingredients, so they're cost effective. For example, I usually apply a vitamin C product in the morning (which costs about $160), a retinoid at night (about $90) resveratrol and niacinamide at night (about $150), and sometimes a hyaluronic acid (about $80). That's a grand total of $480 I'm spending on skincare products. In comparison, FutureDerm Custom Skincare includes lots of active ingredients in 1 product. For example, the night serum I was given included retinol 0.75%, niacinamide 3.0%, arginine 1.0%, argireline 5.0%, Matrixyl 1.5%, green tea 1.0%, kojic acid 2.0%, arbutin 1.0%, lactic acid 2.0%, and hydroquinone 1.0%. And that single product costs a mere $89. It's a lot of bang for your buck!

5. All products are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

6. Products are not tested on animals.

7. FutureDerm ingredients are chosen from peer-reviewed studies. The products contain ingredient concentrations shown to make a difference, and delivery systems that work. All FutureDerm products are tested for safety and effectiveness, and are physician approved.

8. FutureDerm Specialist Custom Skincare is made in the U.S.A.

9. Nicki and the people at want the products to be the best for you and your skin. One of the FutureDerm tenets is this:

"People don't care what you know, until they know that you care. We truly care. Tell us how we can keep creating you custom products that are better and better. We want for these to be the best products for you and your skin." (Then Nicki includes her email address so you can contact her directly.)

- from the FutureDerm Specialist insert that came with my products

In this day of lackluster customer service, statements like this never fail to impress me - especially when a company follows through. Even though I didn't purchase any of the products, when I had a question, Nicki personally answered all my questions within 24 hours.

As I used the FutureDerm Custom products, I came up with some questions. Here they are along with Nicki's answers:

I know people answer questions about their skin before you send them the custom products. Can you give me any more insight into this process?

Nicki:  "I developed a quiz about a year ago that goes through people's skin concerns first. As in, wrinkles, sunspots, sagging skin, uneven skin, etc. Once the skin concerns are identified, the quiz is designed to next focus in on questions (and answers) focusing on concentrations of ingredients that need to be used. Is the skin reported to be dry or sensitive, or is the person over 50? If yes, the quiz will decrease the concentrations of ingredients incrementally for each "yes." Conversely, oiliness, resilience, or a certain age range (under 50) tends to increase concentrations of ingredients."

What if the custom blend isn't quite right? What's your return policy?

Nicki:  "We have a 30 day money back guarantee."

Say the customer decides to keep the blend, but feels it could be tweaked just a bit before she / he orders again. Is that possible?

Nicki:  "Just write to us -- my email is nicki at futurederm dot com -- and tell us you'd like to reorder, but want a few changes. We're happy to talk back and forth about it and to formulate according to specifications, so long as what is being requested is FDA permissible (for instance, we can't create a product with 50% L-ascorbic acid, no matter how many times you ask)!."

Your website says the Custom Skincare line is in beta. When will the products be available to buy?

Nicki:  "They actually already are launched and sell."

How long do the products last for the average user?

Nicki:  "The products last 30-60 days if you use them each once per day, but they're usually reordered every 3-4 months or so."

FutureDerm Custom Day Serum |

How much do the Custom Skincare Products cost?

As of today, July 31, 2019, the entire line costs $385 without a subscription.

With a subscription, the cost of the entire line drops to $307. You'll also get free worldwide shipping and new products every 30 days.

The Specialist Custom products can also be purchased individually. Like the full line, if you subscribe, the price for an individual product drops.

The prices range from $47 for a cleanser subscription to $89 for the night serum without a subscription. To see more pricing, go to the FutureDerm Custom Shop page.

You Can Look Forward to Exceptional Customer Service!

Look at that packaging!

Yes, that is my name on both the box and the bottles you see to the right. The attention to every last detail made me feel appreciated. It even impressed my husband who is not easy to to impress!

Truly, I am so excited about these products. So many great ingredients! They're easy to use and my skin looks great! If you're looking for a new skincare line, the FutureDerm Specialist Custom line is worth a second look!

Thanks for reading!

FutureDerm Custom Skincare Personalized Box |
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