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As you age, your body changes.

Lets' face it. We're all getting older. And with age come changes. Changes that aren't always welcome.

Did you know?  People steadily gain fat after age 30. (It's awful!)

Some people gain almost 1/3 more fat than they had when they were younger. That fatty tissue accumulates around your internal organs, while the layer of fat underneath your skin gets thinner (less fat under your skin creates wrinkles).

Men and women gain weight differently. Men continue to gain weight until they reach about age 55. Women gain until around age 65. But after these ages, both men and women start to lose weight. They lose lean muscle, which weighs more than fat. Fat starts to replace the lost muscle.

Then there are changes like stretch marks from weight gain or pregnancy. Wrinkles and sagging skin from a loss of collagen. Sometimes there is hair loss. And don't forget scars, age spots, grey hair, and fingernail ridges. Doesn't sound so good, does it?!

You're not alone if you're looking for improvement - if you're hoping to look your best as the years accumulate.

A study by Wong and Penner in 2016, even found that attractive individuals (both men & women) earn roughly 20% more than people of average attractiveness. But in women especially, that can translate to grooming. Wong, a sociologist, told the Washington Post, “For women, most of the attractiveness advantage comes from being well groomed. For men, only about half of the effect of attractiveness is due to grooming."

It's not clear exactly why the Wong & Penner study worked out like it did. Maybe we see attractive people as more intelligent, or likable - the so called halo effect. Or perhaps it's a way for us to show others that we care what they think. To my way of thinking, it really doesn't matter. What does matter is how you feel about yourself and what makes YOU happy.

And to that end, the changes you see in your body don't have to be bad! There are lots of ways to improve the things you don't like.

Healthy lifestyle choices will make a big difference in how quickly you age. Using sunscreen daily, regular exercise, a healthy diet, and limiting alcohol and tobacco - even meditation - will make you look and feel better.

There are also lots of treatments to help you minimize the things that aren't improved by diet and exercise. CoolSculpting can treat the stubborn fat that you just cannot get rid of. Micro-needling is very effective on wrinkles and scars. J-Plasma can treat wrinkles and dark spots. Airbrush makeup can temporarily cover imperfections. And for those looking for a longer term solution, there's always plastic surgery.

These days, how you age and how your body looks as you age, really is a choice! Our blog is here to help! Allow us to be your trusted resource for the most effective cosmetic & wellness treatments.

Thanks for reading!

Amy Takken, RN & Founder, Masterpiece Skin Restoration

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