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Your Face & Hair Are Ever Changing Because Beauty Evolves Over Time.

As we grow from child to adult, our bone structure changes. Our face evolves. And so does our taste. What we once found beautiful and motivating becomes less so. Fashion changes. Styles change. And we find new ideas and people who inspire us to become better.

If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living.  - Gail Sheehy

As we move through life, we see pictures of ourselves and wonder at the changes. How does the time move so quickly??

But we can be beautiful at any age. We've learned so much about aging that now how you age is up to you!

Nature gives you the face you have at 20. Life shapes the face you have at 30. But at 50 you get the face you deserve.  - Coco Chanel

Fortunately, there are many ways to make sure you like the face you "deserve at 50." There's sunscreen and good skincare. There are skin treatments like Botox, fillers, and micro-needling. There are facelifts and hair restoration. (We're learning more about regrowing hair every day!) And if none of those are your cup of tea, there's exercise, eating right, beauty sleep, and possibly collagen supplements.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: The world is your oyster! You can meticulously maintain your natural beauty - no matter what your age. OR you can enhance it. But therein lies the beauty (no pun intended!)! The choice is yours. And truly, isn't celebrating your beauty and feeling that inner, quiet confidence what it's all about?

Make the best choice for you! And be the very best you!

So without further ado, below you'll find some articles about ways to maintain (or enhance!) your face and hair. I hope they help! And be sure to check out our Body and Wellbeing categories!

Thanks for reading! And good luck!  - Amy Takken, RN & Founder, Masterpiece Skin Restoration

closeup of boy's knee with bandaids

Preventing Scars | 9 Ways to Keep Your Skin Beautiful!

By Amy Takken, RN / September 20, 2015

Even if you care for a wound perfectly, you can still end up with a scar. That’s because some people are just more prone to scarring – and some places on the body are just more prone to scars. A wound doesn’t need to be deep or severe to leave a scar.

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dairy cow grazing in a field full of yellow flowers

Do Dairy Products & Milk Cause Acne?

By Amy Takken, RN / June 11, 2016

First, Let’s Talk About Acne. It’s
the most common skin disease of our western civilization. It affects over 85% of teenagers. And 54% of women over the age of 25 have acne.

For years we were told that diet does not affect acne. But more recently that theory has changed.

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pomegranate and bowl of seeds on a wood counter

Antioxidants | What They Are + Why Your Skin Needs Them!

By Amy Takken, RN / April 10, 2016

Our bodies have a natural reservoir of antioxidants that protect and repair skin. But as skin is damaged by things in our environment like sun and pollution, our antioxidant supply is quickly depleted. Without antioxidant protection, skin cells are damaged causing changes in the health and look of your skin.

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woman doing yoga on a blue mat | 13 Low Cost (& No Cost!) Beauty Tips for Skin | Masterpiece Skin Restoration

14 Low Cost (& No Cost!) Beauty Tips for Your Skin

By Amy Takken, RN / December 17, 2016

These days, celebrities are busy showing off their makeup free selfies. They’re getting so much attention that I could see easily see this trend going mainstream. So how can you get glowing skin – and skip the foundation? And is there a way to do it without spending a fortune? These beauty tips should get you off to a great start!

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closeup of young woman with beautiful skin

How Vitamins C and E Work Together to Fight Skin Damage

By Amy Takken, RN / July 23, 2015

Ahhh . . . There’s not much better than a beautiful, sunny day. I used to be a sun worshiper, but that changed when I turned 20 and developed a spot on my arm. It was peeling a LOT and made me nervous. I went to my mom’s doctor who quickly removed it. I remember her saying the skin in that spot, “was changing.” It didn’t turn out to be skin cancer, but I think it would have in time.

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beautiful dark skinned woman, big smile, applying cream to her face | 5 Amazing Advantages of Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products | Masterpiece Skin Restoration

5 Amazing Advantages of Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products

By Amy Takken, RN / January 16, 2016

I didn’t always use cosmeceutical skin care products – I wasn’t convinced they were worth the extra money. But I changed my mind after starting Masterpiece Skin Restoration. I needed high quality skincare products that I knew worked – so I could sell them with confidence. They needed to enhance the results of my skincare treatments. And they needed to work so well that my patients loved them.

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herbs in a mortar and pestle green background

How to Tell If Your Organic Skin Care Really Is Organic

By Amy Takken, RN / May 17, 2016

There’s a misconception that all things natural or organic are good for you and all things synthetic are harmful. Marketers play on these fears to get you to buy their “natural” or “organic” skin care products.

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White Clarisonic Mia sonic skin cleaning brush vibrating in blue water

The Clarisonic Review | 5 Reasons You Should Be Using One!

By Amy Takken, RN / March 2, 2016

I became interested in the Clarisonic after hearing people rave about it. People love it! Turns out this sonic skin cleaning brush is made by the same people who developed the original Sonicare toothbrush. Now if you’re like me, hearing that makes you worry about build quality. My experience with the Philips Sonicare made me skeptical.

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Woman, arms in air applying sunscreen | Sunscreen & SPF | Why You Need Better UVA Protection | Masterpiece Skin Restoration

Sunscreen & SPF | Why You Need Better UVA Protection

By Amy Takken, RN / May 17, 2015

We Didn’t Always Have Sunscreen.

My mom grew up in the California desert before sunscreen was even invented. Sadly, you could tell from her skin.

And as a kid I only remember wearing sunscreen ONLY when we went to the pool.

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