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Healthy Habits

Pad Your Wishlist With 3 Gifts That Keep Giving | Masterpiece Skin Restoration

3 Healthy Resolutions for 2018 That Just Keep Giving!

By Amy Takken / December 21, 2017

Photo courtesy of Unsplash & Official This is a guest post by Julie Morris. 2018 | Time for New Resolutions! The most popular 2017 New Year’s Resolutions focused on getting healthy, according to the data collected by the digital marketing firm iQuanti. And the get-healthy goal is likely to finish at or near the top […]

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Tattoo Safety - 13 Ways to Stay Healthy When You Get A Tattoo | Masterpiece Skin Restoration

Tattoo Safety – 13 Ways to Stay Healthy When You Get a Tattoo

By Amy Takken / October 31, 2017

Tattoos can be really beautiful. There are lots of things that I love about tattoos. I love it when they’re beautiful, like the one in the picture on the left. And I love that tattoos are being used to camouflage mastectomy and c-section scars. They can disguise areas of discoloration and stretch marks. And microblading […]

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Beautiful woman with long dark hair smiling and reading a magazine

What I’m Reading: Tattoos Cover Mastectomy Scars, Dr. Russak Uses Ulthera in a New Way, A Blood Pressure Medication for Acne, & So MUCH More!

By Amy Takken / February 28, 2017

It takes time to keep up with the latest beauty trends. – But I gotcha covered. Reading is part of the job. Here are some of the most interesting articles I’ve found. Enjoy! Breast cancer survivors are using tattoos to transform their mastectomy scars – and it’s a beautiful thing. The tattoos are going mainstream. So […]

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Beauty Tips for Skin | Masterpiece Skin Restoration

13 Low Cost (& No Cost!) Beauty Tips for Skin

By Amy Takken / December 17, 2016

Beauty Tips for Great Skin These days, celebrities are busy showing off their makeup free selfies. They’re getting so much attention that I could see easily see this trend going mainstream. So how can you get glowing skin – and skip the foundation? And is there a way to do it without spending a fortune? These beauty […]

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Sugar damages skin

4 Ways Sugar Damages Skin + 9 Ways to Fix It!

By Amy Takken / October 5, 2016

Sugar damages skin from the inside out. Most of us feel guilty eating the occasional cupcake – they’re so YUMMY! Sometimes indulging is worth it! But in recent years scientists discovered that – in addition to packing on the pounds – sugar damages skin. So if you were looking for that little extra incentive to […]

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Is your nail salon safe?

Is Your Nail Salon Safe?

By Amy Takken / February 3, 2016

You take your health seriously. Your nail salon should too. A nail salon is a wonderful place to pamper yourself when the services are done well. Unfortunately, not all nail salons are adequately cleaned or sanitized. Sometimes their nail technicians are not well trained. Salons can be a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and fungal […]

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Nail Polish Affects Nails - and You!

15 Steps to Beautiful, Healthy Nails

By Amy Takken / January 31, 2016

Nail Polish Affects Nails Oh, how I love nail polish! When my little girls and I go to Sephora, they apply a different color polish to each nail. It’s VERY colorful! I especially love how long enamel looks good on toenails. But recently I noticed my toenails were turning yellow and had white spots. They looked […]

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Canoe on Horsetooth Reservoir, Fort Collins, Colorado, where Coloradans at high risk for wrinkles

Coloradans at High Risk for Wrinkles! | 8 Ways to Prevent Wrinkles in CO

By Amy Takken / October 10, 2015

Fort Collins & All Coloradans at High Risk for Wrinkles! RoC Skincare just published their 2015 second annual wrinkle ranking for states. The rankings are meant to inform people about their risk for wrinkles AND to be a call for prevention. A high score indicates states where skin is most prone to wrinkles – like New York. […]

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skin care

Good Skin Care in Fort Collins – 7 Easy Steps

By Amy Takken / September 11, 2015

Good Skin Care in Fort Collins Our Colorado climate is dry and very sunny. (We get one less day of sun each year than Miami!) The high altitude here makes our sun even more intense. Because of these “high desert” conditions, your skin care routine needs to be different from someone who lives in a […]

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