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If you're in the medical aesthetics business, we can help you make sales and get new customers.

You've worked really hard to get where you are . . . developing the best techniques, buying the best equipment, and putting patient outcomes first. Now let us send you more patients!

The Masterpiece Skin Restoration blog was created to give people information about the latest skincare products and treatments. We cite experts and clinical studies and strive to provide the following for our readers:

  1. We always give the best information. We check & recheck our posts and update them regularly.
  2. Our readers trust that the information we give them is correct - and we build on that.
  3. The information we share empowers our readers to find the very best providers.

For these reasons, we are very selective about the practices we list in our directory. 

For the businesses that list with us - that's good! I'll explain why, but first you need a little background.

Everyone has a website they're trying to get into the top spot of a search engine. Whether the spot is for sale through advertising, or gaming an algorithm, one thing is certain - that top spot will change.

Our directory is focused on the value you bring to your clients and to our readers. You'll find our listings are less crowded because only the best are accepted. And our readers are better informed - so they appreciate the professionalism you have to offer.

So should you list your site in a directory like ours?

The answer depends on your reasons for listing. In 2017, Google's John Mueller said that, in general, web directories don't help with SEO or rankings.

But there are certain situations where the right directory can really help:

From Adrian Cojocariu on Cognitive SEO:

"Now I’m not saying that you’re going to be penalized if you submit your site to a directory. By all means, if you find an interesting site that also happens to have a list of other interesting sites, go for it!

But it’s a good idea to check their background a little bit. What’s their domain authority? Is their backlink profile spammy? Are they linking to quality websites or a bunch of phishing potholes full of malware?

In other words, does that website bring any value at all to the internet or for any users? Is it in any way relevant to your site? If the answer is no, then you should definitely stay away from it.

The key word here is RELEVANCY. If the listing is relevant to your site, it is going to help you."

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Amelia Willson from Search Engine Journal agrees:  She recommends you "view directories as a source of traffic and trust."

"As you begin your search for web directories, keep those two criteria in mind:

    • Is this a reputable site? Put another way: if a customer saw me on this site, would they view my business as more or less legitimate?
    • Is my target audience likely to visit this site? If not, it’s probably not worth listing your business."

From John Romaine of Bring the SEO:

"The fact of the matter is this – Google are looking for external signals in an effort to determine, trust, quality and site credibility – because they’re the types of sites they want performing well in the search results. Again, it all comes back to user experience."

And Mr. Romaine explains more, "submitting your site to directories can be both GOOD and BAD. It depends on which directories you submit to, how you go about submitting, your intent, and the approach you take.

Quality can be interpreted in many different ways, but I'd like to focus on two elements that I believe really come into play when it comes to directories. They are, trust and credibility. If you think about it, any site that is listed within a number of reputable directories is more than likely going to be a trusted source.

Of course it's possible to submit a spammy site to a lot of directories, but I'm talking about directories that are heavily moderated and submissions go through a strict approval process. Directories like this play an important role, in that they send the right signals to Google about your website.... 'Hey, we are a legitimate business with contacts and a physical address'. This is how you need to think about using directories - NOT simply for links."

Mr. Romaine recommends listing in directory sites that meet the following criteria:

    1. List in directories that are heavily moderated and have a strict approval process.
    2. List in directories that require a payment for listing.
    3. List in directories that are well known.
    4. List in "niche" specific directories
    5. List in directories so your customers can find you.



- Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. He is also a Clinical Professor and Founding Chair for the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Plastic Surgery.

“Hi Amy, thanks for the mention! You have a very interesting blog. Congrats! Let me know if you ever need any additional information in the future.”

Dr. Umang Mehta is a double board-certified, Beverly Hills-trained specialist in facial plastic and reconstructive with a practice in Atherton, California.

“That’s awesome thank you so much Amy! You do an excellent job. Let me know if I can help any other time I’m ready : )”

- Dr. Marc Mani is a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. He was named one of the country’s ten leading plastic surgeons by Forbes Magazine.

Medical Aesthetics is Growing!

From the Allergan 2019 360 Degree Aesthetics Report:

  • The worldwide medical aesthetics market is forecasted to be $26.53 billion by 2024. That's up from $10.12 billion in 2016.
  • 83% of consumers worldwide are willing to invest in their appearance.
  • More than 73% of consumers worldwide expect to spend money on a physician-administered aesthetic treatment in the next year. That number is up from 50% who reported spending money on aesthetic treatments in the last year.
  • 63% of consumers worldwide, ages 21 - 35, feel their overall appearance affects how successful they are in life.
  • Millennials are more likely to consider preventative treatments than the generations before them. They're also more likely to consider treatment as soon as they notice something that bothers them.

During their first aesthetic appointment, the most common questions people ask concern cost, effectiveness, and safety.

Trust is paramount. 75% of consumers say trust is important to them when considering an injectable toxin treatment.


That's the percentage of consumers worldwide that use the internet to search specific problem areas or treatments.


The percentage of consumers worldwide who start searching online to find a physician who can administer aesthetic treatments.

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Join Our Directory | Masterpiece Skin Restoration


(statistics for February 1 - 29, 2020 from Google Analytics and SEMrush)

22,000 sessions + 26,000 page views

That's the number of visits to our website last month - and the number of pages viewed.


The percentage of traffic that comes to our website from organic search.


That's our bounce rate.

5 minutes 13 seconds

That's the average amount of time our visitors spend on a page.


That's our SEMrush Authority Score

Increase Your Reach . . .

Join our directory and become a trusted resource. Our readers know the providers listed in our directory are qualified & meet our high standards.

Contribute Guest Posts to Masterpiece Skin Restoration - They Build Trust & Help Your Site's SEO!

People search for expert opinions on the aesthetic & wellness treatments they're considering. They read a post and learn more about the expert, his (or her!) values, and what to expect from treatment. Let that expert be YOU!

It's clear that people are interested in looking better and healthier, longer - and those people are searching for providers they can trust online! We can help you expand your reach!

*We carefully vet the experts listed in our directory.

Submit your credentials to be verified. There is a $50 vetting fee that can be rolled into your listing fee. If you meet our criteria, you'll be added to our directory of experts. Approvals can take as long as  2 - 3 weeks to process. Once verified, we'll notify you of your acceptance by email. If you don't meet our criteria, we will only charge for the vetting fee. If you decide to cancel your listing, please give us 30 days notice.

All listings require a minimum 3 month commitment. If you decide to cancel your listing, please give us 30 days notice.

If at anytime you are unhappy, please contact us! We will work very hard to meet your expectations!

**Please note:  We don't list alternative medicine practices as it's very difficult to prove the efficacy of the services offered.

Our Listings Are Tiered:

Directory Listing:

  • 300 word editorialized listing

  • Link to your website

  • Address, phone & email details

  • Google maps location information

Directory Listing + Featured Expert

  • All the benefits of a directory listing

  • Editorial Features

  • Expert Quotes

  • Get Featured in Our Newsletter

All listings can be found via a search by location, provider name, business name, or treatment.

Please contact Masterpiece Skin Restoration to be listed. Customer service is our highest priority.

amy {at} masterpieceskinrestoration {dot} com


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