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Dear Reader,

I really enjoyed my 20 + years of hospital nursing. I did stints in pediatrics, homecare, postpartum, burn care, and dialysis. But as time passed, I found I needed more. I loved the idea of working for myself. I hoped for more flexible hours, but still loved all the science in medicine. And I needed a place to express my creativity.

Then one day my friend, Jen, called. We'd gotten bachelor's degrees at Ohio State; but after a few years working, we both decided nursing was a calling. We went to nursing school together, both of us getting diploma's in nursing from a Hospital in Chicago - Ravenswood Hospital Medical Center, School of Nursing. We studied together, took our nursing boards together, and became registered nurses together.

Jen told me she was going to start her own aesthetics practice (which has since evolved into more of a wellness practice). She'd done some dermatology nursing after her kids started elementary school and loved it. Our conversation got me thinking. I’d really enjoyed working in wound care. Maybe this was something I should consider.

I’d reached the point that we all eventually do. Where we find that it’s much harder to keep our skin and body healthy - and healthy looking. I was starting to look tired. I knew it was time to learn more about aesthetics. I found lots of information, but most of it wasn’t clear. I couldn’t tell which treatment treated what skin condition. (I distinctly remember thinking, “What does Juvederm do? The name certainly doesn’t give it away!”) There was a lot to learn, but wouldn’t that be a good thing? I’m good at research. If I shared everything I learned, maybe it would help others.

I bought books. I read everything I could get my hands on. I went to school:

I felt compelled to create a medical spa that was discreet, credible, and focused on giving the very best customer service. It needed a website that gave people like me the very best information on skincare, aesthetics, aging, and wellness. As time passed, the website drew more and more readers. I got calls from all over the United States. It became clear that people needed better information about medical aesthetics. As a registered nurse, I felt well qualified to meet that need. The website allowed me to spend more time with my family - something I hold very dear.

And so the medical spa evolved into something more.

Masterpiece Skin Restoration helps people find the very best information about medical skincare, beauty and wellness. My articles have been featured on Nazarian Plastic Surgery and The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery, and I've been quoted on

As the website grew, people started to ask for doctor referrals. So I started a directory - a community of like minded dermatologists, plastic surgeons, dentists, oral surgeons, aestheticians and wellness experts - in Denver and all over the Western United States. It lists trusted individuals and practices that focus on giving the very best results.

I’m proud of the result. Masterpiece Skin Restoration is a forward-looking online resource. Here you can learn everything you need to know to restore your skin – and your spirit – and be the very best you.

Welcome to Masterpiece Skin Restoration! I’m so glad you’re here!

- Amy Takken, Registered Nurse (Colorado), Founder, and Editor

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