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Why Plastic Surgery Is the Best Choice for Some People

There are some things injectables just cannot fix.

Like my mom's Roman nose. It was something that had bothered her all her life - so she did something about it. Rhinoplasty. I remember being about 4 and watching her get out of the car. She'd been gone overnight. It was morning, and I was playing in the front yard. I remember knowing it was her, but feeling very shy because my mom didn't look like my mom. She had big bandages over her nose and bruises around her eyes.

Some people - like my mom - would like their appearance to be different. But it's not always up to us. My mom inherited her aquiline nose from her mom. For people like her, there's plastic surgery. And plastic surgery made her very happy.

See, my mom didn't want to look perfect. She just wanted to feel pretty. Plastic surgery gave her that.

And there are lots of women with breast cancer who need mastectomies. Breast reconstruction is something plastic surgeons do often and do well.

My friend had breast cancer. The cancer was in 1 breast, not the other. So she only needed to have the one breast removed. But she chose to have both breasts removed and reconstruction. Her reasoning: she didn't want to have to worry about getting cancer in her other breast AND she really wanted symmetrical breasts. Wouldn't a natural breast and an implant have a slightly different shape and feel - even with the very best plastic surgeon?

But these aren't the only reasons people have plastic surgery . . .

  • For some people, age creeps up on them. One day they look in the mirror and see a tired face looking back. And they don't like what they see.
  • Some women have a baby and wonder, "What happened to my body???"
  • Some people, no matter how much they exercise, cannot fix sagging breasts or that awful muffin top. They just want to look good in their clothes.
  • Others lose tons of weight and need a surgeon's help to make their old skin fit their new body.

Plastic surgery is more accessible now than ever!

Instagram is filled with before and after photos of people just like you. The results look natural - ok, in some cases not so natural - but you can tell people are happy with their results from all their smiling selfies. You may even know someone who talked about his or her plastic surgery. It's an expensive investment in yourself. And there's always financing . . .  ; )

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Amy Takken, RN

Amy Takken is a registered nurse with 20+ years of experience helping people improve their health. Her in-depth skincare articles have been featured on Nazarian Plastic Surgery and The Palm Beach Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery. She's also been quoted on Amy loves research and constantly watches for new products and treatments to help you improve your skin’s health – because healthy skin is beautiful! To reach Amy, visit our contact page.

There are lots of options! Click the links below to learn more!


It's all about getting a beautiful, natural looking nose that's perfectly in harmony with your face - and allows you to breathe well! 

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Sometimes excess skin, fat or muscle interferes with your ability to see. Other times it makes you look older or more tired than you really are. Either way, a blepharoplasty can restore your natural eyelid shape and contour!

Breasts | Breast augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction

Our breasts and bodies change from childbirth or aging, weight loss or weight gain. Surgically changing your body through breast augmentation, a breast lift or a breast reduction can enhance your appearance and improve your self-esteem. You can get the ideal shape and proportions to flatter your body.

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Gynecomastia is caused by a hormonal imbalance. It causes swelling of the breast tissue in men. Psychologically, it can be devastating - especially for teenagers.


A tummy tuck surgically removes excess skin and fat from your abdomen, while improving the appearance of stretch marks.

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Today's face lifts correct aging by lifting the deep layers of the face and filling the cheeks. When paired with neck lift procedures and skin rejuvenation, the very best results are achieved!


Chin augmentation gives your face better proportions. The surgery is done using an implant or by advancing the bone. It's often combined with a face lift or rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to ensure balance.

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Ear surgery can move prominent ears closer to your head. It can make large ears smaller and small ears larger. Some people choose to add folds and curves where there are none. Others have their large creases and wrinkles minimized. Otoplasty repairs large or stretched lobes. It can even replace ears lost in an accident! Amazing!


Liposuction is a surgical way to remove fat - not large amounts - but enough to add definition in the areas that concern you. 

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An arm lift surgically reshapes and contours your upper arms.


After childbirth and breastfeeding, women's bodies just don't look the same. Your stomach is much smaller, but it has loose skin and looks mushy. The milk glands and ducts in your breasts have shrunk, leaving your breasts smaller and sagging. A breast lift raises and reshapes sagging breast tissue AND eliminates any excess skin. A tummy tuck removes fat, excess skin and abdominal stretch marks. You leave looking fabulous!

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The terms butt augmentation and butt lift are often used interchangeably. Augmentation increases the size of your butt with implants or fat grafting or both. A butt lift is a treatment to lift a drooping bottom.


After a massive weight loss or pregnancy, some people are left with a flap of loose skin over their lower abdomen. A panniculectomy removes the loose skin.

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