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Micro-Needling is the best treatment for scars and stretch marks!

The tissue in scars and stretch marks is not that different from the tissue in normal skin. It is, however, very different in its appearance. Scars have large amounts of collagen, but the collagen in a scar is thick and woven in a different pattern than that of normal skin.

Our bodies fix things that are broken. Scar tissue, while not attractive, is seen by the body as normal.

Micro-needling forces the body to remodel the scar and triggers a healing response. Our bodies won’t replace the scar tissue completely, especially if the scar is deep; but they will replace the parts that are injured by micro-needling. It creates a mixture of scar tissue and normal tissue and results in a smoother, better looking, softer scar. Indented scars fill and raised scars flatten. It doesn't work in all cases; but in most people, it does work.

Needling hypo-pigmented scars (light spots) also causes pigment producing cells from the surrounding skin to move into the scar. This improves the color of the light spots so they blend in better with the rest of your skin.

Micro-needling works extremely well to reduce acne scars, chicken pox scars, stretch marks, surgical scars and burns.

Micro-needling is the best treatment for scars and stretch marks. Learn more in our blog posts, What is micro-needling? AND Micro-Needling Acne Scars AND Acne Scar Treatment. If you'd like to see before and after photos, be sure to check out our Scar and Stretch Mark Reduction Results page. Below is a picture of the SkinPen® by Crown Aesthetics. It's a micro-needling pen used by medical offices.

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Micro-Needling Scars and Stretch Marks | What to Expect

A topical anesthetic cream is applied to the scar, burn or stretch mark prior to treatment so there is little to no pain during the treatment.

Immediate effects vary among patients, and can include redness, flaking, and mild irritation on treated areas. These should disappear in 24-72 hours. There is very little down time after a micro-needling treatment. You should expect your skin to look and feel sunburned for about 24 hours afterward. Your skin will also start to flake after a day or two as the skin cells slough off. It can be difficult to apply makeup over flaking skin, but don't exfoliate - it will only irritate your skin. After about a week, you’ll see new, bright, smooth skin.

To get the best result, multiple treatments are needed. Six treatments have been found to deliver the best results, but response is highly individual and there's no way to predict who will respond best to scar reduction.

Check out this video from LIVE! With Kelly & Ryan! and Dr. Doris Day

An interval of 8 - 10 weeks between treatments is recommended. There's no limit to the number of treatments.

The technique works great for sunken areas on the skin caused by acne, but not for deep, narrow “ice pick” scars, dermatologist, Doris Day told The Wall Street Journal. Dr. Day says she generally sees a 60% to 70% improvement in the broad acne scars with four to six treatments.

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